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Oklahoma City’s trusted source for curated and custom eyewear, Dick Story Optical is designed to keep you looking your best. We carry a wide variety of high fashion and high-quality eyewear from the world’s top designers. Whether you need to correct your vision or simply protect your eyes from the sun, we work with you one-on-one to determine the best fit for your style and prescription needs.

Lindberg Logo

Steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and simplicity, Lindberg frames are comprised of patented technologies and individual craftmanship. Each frame features responsibly sourced materials selected for their exceptional strength and distinctive visual impact.

Lindberg | Dick Story Optical
Theo | Dick Story Optical
Theo Logo

Theo Eyewear was created in 1989 by two opticians who wanted to offer their clients something other than the mainstream glasses on the market. Originally known for their avant-garde styles, this elite Belgian brand gained popularity quickly. Thirty years later, Theo Eyewear continues to push the boundaries of design by collaborating with notable designers around the world to curate exclusive collections.

Oliver Peoples Logo

Setting the trend for designer eyeglasses, Oliver Peoples is recognized for its exclusive selection of superior polarized and photochromic mineral glass lenses, which combine the finest materials with the most advanced technologies available in the world. This meticulous design and craftmanship process, based in West Hollywood, California, results in timeless styles that last for generations.

Alain Mikli Logo

Since 1978, the Alain Mikli brand has been synonymous with distinctiveness and provocation, thanks to its unique design and exclusive color combinations. A union between a piece of art and a consumer product, this eyewear is practical but edgy. Exclusive collaborations with fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Jil Sander, Donna Karen and artists like Grace Jones, Kanye West and Elton John defined their eyewear aesthetic throughout the 80s and 90s.

ROBERT MARC NYC opened its first boutique on Columbus Avenue in 1981 in an effort to serve the artists, designers and musicians that roamed the fashionable New York City streets. Quickly recognized for its unique ability to bring both comfort and fashion to the eyewear industry, the brand decided to launch its first collection in 1999. Influenced by New York City and classic French savoir-faire, the true beauty of ROBERT MARC NYC frames is the marriage of style and fit.

Lunor Logo

Lunor Eyewear offers spectacle enthusiasts the very best in craftmanship. Straightforward, sophisticated and stylish, Lunor frames have been worn by national news anchors and celebrities, including the late Steve Jobs. Handmade in Germany, gold hardware and a specially developed milled hinge are only a few of the characteristics that make these frames truly one-of-a-kind.

Lunor | Dick Story Optical
Maui Jim Logo

Founded in Hawaii in 1980, Maui Jim creates fashion-forward looks and vintage classics hand-crafted with sharp attention to detail. With superior coatings on each Maui Jim lens, you can expect 100% protection against blue light and harmful UV rays with expert resolution and high contrast.

Maui Jim Logo

Founded in Hawaii in 1980, Maui Jim creates fashion-forward looks and vintage classics hand-crafted with sharp attention to detail. With superior coatings on each Maui Jim lens, you can expect 100% protection against blue light and harmful UV rays with expert resolution and high contrast.


CAZAL Eyewear subverts the mainstream to create beguiling and wholly original styles. The design legacy of industry icon Cari Zalloni, CAZAL frames are known for making an extravagant statement. With precision workmanship, first-class materials, and a commitment to bushing the boundaries of design, CAZAL remains beloved by eyewear fans around the world.

iGreen Logo

Handmade in Italy with love, RES/REI delivers distinctive eyewear in sophisticated color combinations. Each collection is developed slowly and with intention in order to carefully craft frames that age beautifully. Never letting trends influence their concept, the RES/REI collections allow every eyeglass wearer to express their individuality with style. 

iGreen | Dick Story Optical
Roger Eyewear | Dick Store Optical

On a mission to design creative frames in smaller, progressive sizes from an optician’s point of view, Roger Eye Design was born. Designed in Netherlands by Optician and trendsetter, Roger Hoppenbrouwers, the Roger collection features soft shapes, exciting colors and high-quality materials made with cutting-edge techniques.

iGreen Logo

Revolutionizing the way eyewear is created, iGreen Eyewear offers a wide range of environmentally-sustainable and customizable frames unlike any other in the marketplace. With the technology to adapt frames to face shapes, you have the flexibility to transform your prescription to truly fit your lifestyle. Frames comes in several shapes and sizes, including magnetic clip-ons and eco-friendly polymer, providing unmatched protection and comfort.

iGreen | Dick Story Optical
Chemistrie | Dick Story Optical
Chemistrie Logo

Chemistrie eyewear features patented magnetic lens layering technology that give you the ability to attach a variety of revolutionary lenses including sun, reader, blue and 3D to your prescription frames. Completely customizable from bridge and magnet options down to the addition of Swarvoski jewels, these frames put you in the driver seat.  

Belgian eyewear is known for wit and charm, and Matttew is no exception! With a focus on color, meticulous engineering, and designs inspired by the worlds of art and architecture, each Matttew frame is engineered to help you live your personality to the fullest.

BOZ | Dick Story Optical

The originality of the collection comes from its incredible diversity. The design is worked without preconceived ideas, colours are unleashed. Elegant to the point of refinement, beautiful and expressive in their decorative graphics, exclusive in their acetate colors, all the models are created and fashioned to the smallest detail to give style to the women and girls who choose BOZ.

J.F. Rey | Dick Story Optical

The distinctive Jean-François Rey collection is innovative in design and unique in color. Superimposed facets, graphic combinations with metal and acetate, fusional wood and carbon, bicoloured metal, the style of the new collection takes you into a universe of double play of artistic shapes, colors and materials.

J.F. Rey | Dick Story Optical
XIT Logo White | Dick Story Optical

XIT (from the French: excitée, or “excited”) is a bold and contemporary eyewear line from eight-time Silmo d’Or award winner, designer Lionel Bellet. Pronounced “EX-EE-TAY,” the collection employs striking, witty shapes and a bold palette.  European and daring,  XIT launched in 2013 and remains handmade in France.

Featuring a range of colorful acetate, metal, and combination frames, XIT is certain to excite.  Dick Story Optical is proud to bring the XIT collection to Oklahoma City.

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